The Single Market

Previously on The Single Market the UK was coupled up with the EU. The USA and China were just getting to know each other; the USA got to set three meetings in which they chose to invite China, Canada and Mexico into office. China won over the US who in end dumped Canada for China as their biggest trading partner, but could they be on the way to a trade war? Tonight there will be a renegotiating.


Japan, "I've got a email!!!! Economies please gather around the fire pit immediately."


*It’s time for the renegotiations*

*The USA’s phone beeps*

The USA stands up, "The North American Free Trade Agreement was a disaster probably even the worst trade deal I have ever made. I’m going to have to raise my tariffs up so high to protect national security. I am so deep in deficit to all of you, especially you China!”


China to the USA, “Your tariffs are irrational and completely unacceptable!! Your strategies have no common sense. Watch me impose 128 tariffs on your goods because that’s what you’re going to get if you pursue these trade restrictions on me.”


Mexico joins in, “Do you even have a clear end goal out of this? Apart from hiking up your metal tariffs and hurting me. Did you like my move on your cheese and pork markets? I heard you had to spend $12 billion just to ease the pain on your farmers. You’ll be running back to me soon begging to make a deal.”


The USA replies, “Hahahahaha you need me more than I need you Mexico. I created your export industry. The wall can go up just as fast as those tariffs.”


China to the USA, “Raise your tariffs all you like I can just depreciate my currency honey.”


The USA sits down


The UK stands up and looks over to the EU, “So I think I ended things too fast, I miss you. Can we still be friends with benefits?”


The EU, *read at 8:43pm*



Mia GiaconeBy Tayla Swan