Intense feeling

I feel like screaming


Take time to understand that you need healing 

It’s like conceiving 

Evil thoughts born

You eat away at me and make you feel like I’m internally bleeding

This anxiety got me feeling…

A minute 

Another minute and I can’t see any thing

It’s like teething 

I wish there was some sort of contraception to prevent this awful feeling

Any thing…

Any thing 

Begging pleading but there isn’t any thing 

Pulse going faster I feel like screaming 

Thoughts override my mind and I’m still thinking 

Round and round I get myself bed bound 

Thinking of ways I could get admitted 

Ways to end things 

And God I’m begging to stop bleeding 

Ripping away these thoughts make me feel like going away, disappearing, 

Hiding away

Forever undisturbed

God I still feel like screaming 

Written by Tamay Nehir

Tamay Nehir