Thinking about making a magazine?

Thinking about making your own print publication? Talk to Jeremy Leslie at magCULTURE.

Jeremy Leslie loves magazines.

Working with clients across the world, magCulture, situated in Farringdon stock a variation of magazines, from I-D to ones you’ve never even knew existed. Speaking to Jeremy Leslie, who has 30 years of experience in magazine making, we find out how he chooses from the very many clients that want him to stock their magazine.

There is no "type" of magazine Jeremy Leslie looks for. It can range from quirky “Happy Mag’s for Kid’s” like Anorak to magazine’s for cannabis lovers, Broccoli.

By looking at the design, title, curation, art direction, everything is important when choosing which magazine will be sold at magCulture. If you’re making a magazine, you’ll definitely want your magazine in Jeremy Leslie’s shop.

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‘Red titles usually sell’. Specific facts you’d know after working in magazine production for as long as Jeremy Leslie has. But it doesn’t always mean your magazine gets chosen if it’s got a good title, that’s for sure.

Some issues are selected and then discontinued within the store as Leslie is very particular in which magazines will have a place on his shelf in store.

If you think you know everything about magazines, take a trip to magCulture and check out what you really know.  Even if you don’t know why you’re buying it you’ll probably want to get a quirky coffee table magazine just for the sakes of it!

Location: 270 St.John Street, London, EC1V 4EP.

Written by Tamay Nehir

Tamay Nehir