Transport in F*cking London

Increased prices, worse service, more train inspectors, late to work, loosing 15 minutes of pay for lateness, bad rapport with your manager, negative work environment, feel like giving up, stuck? Dominoes. It’s f*cking London.

Not your ‘professional’ article. I’m angry, like most people would be when on their way to their first shift at a new job paying more money for a train that doesn’t even end up taking you to your destination. Three times in one week and I end up with my train missing all stops because of poor service.

From Google Images

From Google Images

Pisces season, you are bringing bad luck to me and so is TFL daily. If you commute into central London using South Western Rail, or most of our National services you will relate… since January 2nd some single adult rail fares have gone up from 10 pence to even 30 pence. I refuse to pay. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and pay for a meal you never got.  

Instead of paying for more armed ticket forces that breathe down my neck at every corner of a rail station, use that money towards creating a better service. Or if this actually a work in progress, STOP FINING PEOPLE BECAUSE YOUR SERVICE IS NOT WORTH THE P’Z. Don’t expect people to pay for something that is getting them late to work and lose out on £.  

Sort it out.

Written by Tamay Nehir

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