The TKmaxx hack

Tkmaxx is always an exciting shop to have a browse around. You never know what you might stumble across in the heaps of unorganised one-offs. But my favourite thing is how you get to see the true value of something, having the price being heavily deflated after it got left behind at the end of the season clearance so made its way onto the Tkmaxx rails. You need to go into the shop with a determined attitude, to raft threw the mountains of rubbish and hope you find that one gem in the right size.I faced such horror in the Lewisham store when I found one singular Kylie and Kendall shoe and had to search the shop like Prince Charming until I found the matching one. My best ever Tkmaxx find was a pair of pink satin Illustrated People octopus trousers at RRP £150, £130 had been knocked off before I got my hands on them for 20 quid. The question I keep asking myself is being how does Tkmaxx make any money out of this. With their ethos being, “We’re smart shoppers, just like you” is where the brand really speaks to a bargain hunter like myself. And apparently the Tkmaxx buyers are top of the bargain hunter food chain. Or are they simply just flogging the leftover scraps of the retail giants. The truth was revealed on their website, “We take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities, which can include department store cancellations, a brand owner making up too much product, or a great deal when a vendor simply wants to clear merchandise, as well as lots of other ways, all of which bring you tremendous value.” But what I really want to question is how were the brands originally selling their items at such a high price. Tkmaxx cuts down their ridiculous margins and makes use of the vast amount of waste these retailers would of made. 

Tamay NehirBy Tayla Swan