won't remember your love

Don’t let me down

Because I won’t be around

For your days when you don’t feel so sound 

You won’t be allowed

To get me the second round

Of drinks served in glasses 

Or kisses 

Followed by I misses 

Not hesitant to say

I won’t dismiss

A blissful scenic memory minute 

That could easily be followed by painful feelings 

that hurt like blisters 

Or salt 

measured in pinches 

Burnt into cuts 

that form like stripes 

Ones cut by a thin fruit knife 

I try

To show you 

In the most beautiful way 

And you couldn’t even deny

If you tried

To lie 

Your reputation would die 

I sigh 

Disappointed I cry

But know I behold knowledge 

That I can fly

Without you 

My wings would still spread free like butterflies

I like you 

But not enough that it leaves me fucked

Not leaving

But just know that although this is not a threat 

These tears will not remain wet 

By Tamay Nehir

Tamay Nehir