Limping in luxury

£400 for a pair of brand new beat up Golden Goose trainers
The price people will pay to look ‘rough and ready’
To buy a shoe with artificially inseminated character stripped of any meaning and sentiment behind the engrained marks and scuffs
When I look down at my own shoes I see an orange splotch
A flashback to when I dropped a jar of pasta sauce in the Tesco Express queue
The feeling that brought me floods right back
Or when I wore them in the rain and they were never quite the same
Do you imagine someone else has walked miles in your shoes or the premeditated industrial process of wearing away to create the illusion that they have matured before their age?
They look box fresh if they were from a carboot sale
I like to buy docs from the carboot sale, you can buy a lovingly worn in pair for about £5
Saving you the blisters and the shoes from going to waste
The girl on the stall tells me how much she loved them and I say don’t worry they will live on for another day
A year later you’ll find them on my Depop
After 3 sets of feet and a gaping hole in the toe that’s the cue to let them go
But Golden Goose trainers are starting out where they should be ending
In the next stage of capitalism we are paying to look like we can’t afford a new pair of shoes
They are made for the man who owns so many pairs of shoes that he never wears one pair enough to make a single scuff
He is limping in luxury
Is it a class appropriation?
The fashion industry is encapsulated in capitalism
Pushing the boundaries, jumping on trends
Immersing itself in gaps in the market in the bid for making profit
Wear and tear is repackaged and sold at 10x the price of the ordinary trainer
Vintage stripped of its ethical aspect