Contractions & Contradictions

The streets are paved with crushed cans

Try not to skid on the split palm oil

Trip over and fall in the ditch the contradict

Stubbing out a roll up with your vegan docs

Straws are the weapons used in the false accusations

We should flush all of them

The council doesn’t provide recycling bins

Shifting responsibilities looped back onto us through propagated guilt

Sigh of disbelief when you get to the big Sainsbury’s and you forgot the bag for life

Have you seen the size of his carbon footprint?

You know what that means

He must be a massive dick

Eating avocado toast whilst yelling that the earth is dying and it’s all your fault

Obviously uploaded via an iPhone 8+ or whatever came next I can’t keep track

Not like they keep track on us

What liquidation are you more scared of?

The ice caps are melting the bubonic plague is coming out on license

Vaccines make children autistic

We should just burn down

London again I think I’m turning into a vampire

There’s glitter in my blood it penetrated into my veins after festival season

Massacred fields and abandoned tents

The portaloos stink or is it the cows

Hope that burger was worth the erosion of the ozone layer

But McDonald’s meat isn’t real meat is it

Do you remember when the cows used to lay down when it was going to rain?

The only thing that falls now are the trees in the Amazon rainforest Amazon has a rainforest, in the head office?

That’s cool

The high street is crumbling like stale biscuits but the closing down sales have them all stampeding back leaving behind a trail of destruction

Why is there always a queue outside Gucci?

Let’s go for a pint in spoons so we can sit in silence and think about where it all went wrong

We don’t need to retire in Benidorm anymore

England with a spot of sun was always the dream