IG. m_i_stry



Can you tell us a bit about your work in THIS IS issue 1? My work is about the self-realisation of living in an institutional racist society and questioning my cultural heritage to relation to my Western lifestyle.

What was your first gallery experience? I cannot remember the time and place of the first time I went to a gallery, but I do recall being dragged around by my mum and being really really bored at galleries. So I actually have no idea how I got into Fine art and now enjoying galleries. It was during my foundation I decided that I had to take more interest in the arts so went to Newport Street Gallery and found the curation of this space meant I was not overwhelmed by too much art.

Who is your least favourite artist? My least favourite artist in Constable, he is the ultimate ‘Big White Boy’. I do appreciate his skill in painting and documenting picturesque scenes, but it is very idealistic. 

Which art work do you wish you had created? I go through phrases depending on where I am with my work on the type of work that I wish I had created. For instance, last year the work I wish I had created would have been Mark Quinn’s self as I was mesmerised by seeing his blood. Whereas now, the subject matter of my art has changed and I wish I had created Childa Kumari’s Burman’s work. 

Your karaoke song? Karaoke is my all-time favourite night out, I love it. But, I cannot sing or remember song lyrics. For this reason, I would pick Valerie as everyone knows it, so it does not matter that I cannot sing as everyone else is louder.

Is courgette a fruit or vegetable? I always thought courgette was a vegetable, but a fruit has seeds and so does a courgette and now I’m baffled.