Can you tell us a bit about your work in THIS IS issue 1? I think it's about how I feel like London will always be my home, even if people try to make me feel uncomfortable for racist, sexist or classist reasons, I belong here.

What kind of things do you try to address in the work you make? I mainly like to encourage conversation about the misogyny we have in our society, how women are still not equal, why that is and the pain and suffering that causes. Also ideas about us as human beings.

Which piece of artwork inspires the work that you like to make? I think things that happen in life inspire me more than art work, but anything that's done with a montage style I like. Nerdwriter made a video about Lauryn Hill the other day, I liked that.

Your go-to Karaoke song? Thiago Silva- Aj Tracey and Dave if I'm with my friend Aphra aha. Anything by A Tribe Called Quest otherwise.

Is courgette a fruit or a vegetable? Always think of it as a vegetable but I guess it's a fruit.