Can you tell us a bit about your work in THIS IS issue 1 and in general? The drawing I've done (in chalk pastel) was of one of the statues in that temple, of a Hindu deity. I tried to keep the pallet to a minimum
and focused on the way the gold changes in the shadows and the light. Since visiting Sri Lanka, I have taught myself to read and write Tamil, and I am slowly learning more and more about Tamil history.


Who is one of your least favourite artists? I’m not sure what my least favourite artist is.

Which artist or artwork inspires the work that you like to make? Currently, my favourite artist is a female Indian tattoo artist called Heleena, located in Leicester. Her style of drawing adds subtle twists to classical Hindu/Indian images that adds a sense of mythology to them.

Your go-to Karaoke song? My go to karaoke song is probably teenage dream by Katy Perry as it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure song and I could probably sing it without getting the words wrong!

Is courgette a fruit or a vegetable? Courgettes are vegetables.