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Can you tell us a bit about your work in THIS IS issue 1 and in general? My work in the zine is from a photo series where I explored Janaki and her identity with India. In general, my work is a whole mish mash of shit. Sometimes I make films, paint, perform poetry and photograph. It’s a jack of all trades situation with me - but I like that. I like that I’m not amazing at everything I do because it gives me freedom. In my work I like to discuss the human condition and my personal thoughts which I think people can relate to.

Who is one of your least favourite artists piece of work? I can never remember the names of the artist’s who make the art that I hate. But I remember once I saw (in tate) a canvas which was about 20 metres long with just a black line down it - I hate shit like that, or anything which includes paintings of dogs on cushions or parks with deer in the distance.

Which artists/artworks inspires the work that you like to make? There’s lots artworks, I like works that are truthful. Basquiat of course. I love colour and texture and he’s all of that. I also really love Artshrimp, maybe because his work is so different to mine and for a long time it was the kind of work I always wanted to make and be good at. 

Your go-to Karaoke song? Either dancing queen or bohemian rhapsody.

Is courgette a fruit or vegetable? Vegetable duuurr