Can you tell us a bit about your work in THIS IS issue 1 and in general? This particular piece is based on my own introspection, as I try to grapple with the condition of writer's block. Almost every individual that wants to express themselves creatively could be faced with a severe decline in the level of their work. This my stem from a lack of ideas because it is difficult to sustain the frequency of production when you are struggling to discover new ways of articulating yourself. I try to address concerning social issues that are affecting young people currently. I hope that my work can encourage people to use their creativity to strive for change and prosperity.  

Who is one of your least favourite authors works? The Captain's Lady by Robert Burns. I would say this is not one of his best poems, as it does not hold the same sentimental value as some of his other great works. 

Which piece of writing inspires the work that you like to make? If by Rudyard Kipling. This poem was read to me as a child and it's words will always be with me. Kipling reminds me that life is short and the present day must be seized.

Your go-to Karaoke song? Akala - Another Reason.

Is courgette a fruit or a vegetable? Courgette is a vegetable and part of the same family as cucumbers.