Can you tell us a bit about your work in THIS IS issue 1? I wrote a poem inspired by my dad's country because I think it’s a great country with a great culture. More people in Britain who have foreign parents or one foreign parent at least should be proud of their heritage, and that the stigma of not being proud of your roots should be cut completely in order to avoid an identity crisis and just to put more emphasis to love who you are in general. 

What kind of things do you try to address in the work you make? Who I am. I try to stay true to myself and show people a real life person they can relate to. Not some unrealistic fictional character. Also, to have fun and be happy that's why I do it.

Who is one of your least favourite artists/authors or piece of work? Fam. I don’t even know. Everyone who makes art is beautiful because their expressing something. I only have most favourites not least. Everyone’s great at what they do.

Which piece of writing inspires the work that you like to make? A poem by roger Kipling called If. Search dat shit boi. 

Your go-to Karaoke song? A head full of dreams- Coldplay

Is courgette a fruit or a vegetable? I’m going to say fruit because I feel like this is one of them trick questions....